Vigor Power Energy Drink depicts a picture of confidence, strong & energized individuals, prepared for challenges, extreme activities and active sports. This non-alcoholic drink is NOT a soft drink; it was created specifically to provide a quick energy boost to help people cope with their increasingly demanding lifestyles. Each can of Vigor Power Energy Drink is packed with essential vitamins and carbohydrates, and further enriched with energy boosting ingredients

Vigor Power Energy Drink is an energy-boosting drink that has become widely popular in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Jeenhuat Foodstuffs Industries Sdn. Bhd., the manufacturer and brand owner of Vigor Power has invested extensively in comprehensive range of marketing and brand building activities in all its present markets. In the years coming, Vigor Power will continue to intensify its marketing programs in all its existing and new markets with the aim to make this brand one of the fastest growing brands in the region.




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